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Apartments for sale in Yalova

Apartments for sale in Yalova, the calm city near Istanbul, stunning views, near the city center and tourist attractions, apartments at cheap prices in Yalova for housing and investment

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Apartments and villas conform to Turkish citizenship

The Marine City in Istanbul, a real work of art!

Apartments and villas conform to Turkish citizenship

Villas for sale in Yalova

Villas for sale in the Turkish city of Yalova, luxurious villas near the city center and the sulfur water bathes of Termal, with stunning enchanting views

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Various properties for sale in Yalova

Real estate for sale in Yalova, apartments for sale in Yalova city, Villas for sale in the most beautiful tourist-attraction areas of Yalova with sea views in Turkey, see all types of property in Turkey

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Imtilak Real Estate services

Imtilak Real Estate is honored to provide you with a fully integrated package of services during the sale and after it

Yalova Properties

Yalova the calm coastal city in Turkey, which was named as the city of magic and beauty for the beauty of its nature and its climate, located north-west of Turkey, next to the eastern shore of Marmara Sea, it has a strategic location between Bursa and Istanbul, It is about 175 kilometers from Istanbul through highways such as the Gulf Crossing Bridge which is favored by Arab real estate investors.

It is also accessible by ferry, which passes the Marmara Sea from Istanbul to Yalova in about one hour.

Attractions in Yalova

The charming attractions of Yalova date back to the 3rd millennium BC, visitors in this city will feel calmness and peace of mind and psychological comfort, the most striking characteristics of it: is the breathtaking landscape, which is the favorite destination for foreign and local tourists, also its rich natural views that enchant the eyes.

The most important tourist attractions in Yalova are:

Mineral water baths

Çınarcık Province

Sudüşen Waterfall

Yalova City Museum

Mobile Palace

The Black Church

Real Estate Investment in Yalova

Yalova is one of the most famous natural treatment and healing centers, with its sulfur baths, many other historical and cultural landmarks, huge construction projects and major investment partnerships between local Turkish and Arab companies, prompting many investors to be their favorite city to search for properties for sale with the intention of investment or housing.

The Turkish government offers special privileges to real estate investors, such as licensing facilities for their business activities, issuing residence permits, and even granting Turkish citizenship in return for real estate investments.

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